Blessed: Humble Pie

There are some dishes that always, I mean always, taste better when someone else makes them. For years I have always heard my parents say that sandwiches truly taste better when someone else makes them. The older I became I realized that it was the truth. Same thing with a salad, it just tastes better when someone else’s hands have prepared it and served it.

I always chalked it up to the monotony of making a sandwich or a salad. The endless chopping of vegetables and repetitious actions of retrieving all of the necessary products from the refrigerator is no fun for anyone involved. Normally as I grab each item from the fridge it gets harder and harder to grab the next. Sure, I can make do with a sandwich that has no lettuce and tomato because I seriously do not feel like slicing it, placing it on the bread and cleaning up after myself.

Plain ole bologna, cheese and whitbread it is. Does my salad really need cucumbers that I need to wash, peel and slice? Somedays, nope, sure doesn’t.

Then, there are the meals that only taste good when prepared by our own hands. For example, do you really want someone making your bowl of cereal? Do they sincerely know how much milk to pour before it becomes too much? For me, it is my coffee. I would rather complete this task on my own. Some days I need more creamer than coffee and some days I do not require creamer at all. I am as moody as my coffee taste buds.

Another meal that always tastes wonderful when we serve ourselves and we never want it served by someone else is Humble Pie.

One of my most favorite stories in the Bible is when Jesus walked in while his Disciples were arguing over who is the greatest among them. This is one of those times I would have loved to be a fly on the wall just to see their faces when the Lord walked in. Were they embarrassed or did they know enough at the time to even be embarrassed?

This was the appointed time that Jesus chose to school them on being humble and being a servant. He said, “those who are the greatest among you should take the lowest rank and the leader should be like a servant…” How powerful are those words? Jesus created true servant leadership. He went on to say, “Who is more important, the one who sits at the table or the one who serves? The one who sits, of course, but not here! For I Am here as one who serves.”

As followers of Christ we are to emulate his character and his serve our brothers and sisters. He came to serve and love others, so should we.

Being in the public as an elected official, I try to constantly remind myself that I am here to serve others and not serve myself or my ego. This is a constant conversation between me and the Lord, it has not been a one and done feeling. Anytime I start feeling “great” about myself, I prayerfully turn my attention to my creator and my redeemer. I am constantly grateful for his mercy and love.

When we constantly feed our souls with Humble Pie, our bellies are way too full to eat Humble Pie served by others.

“Humble yourselves before the Lord and he will lift you up.” James 4:10