Community rallies to save children, stop violence

Violent crime is cutting an unfortunately wide swath through the Natchitoches community, so a group of local residents decided to get together to do something about it on June 3.

Sharon Morrow, sister of pioneering city councilwoman, the late Sylvia Morrow, was joined by a group of around 25 citizens, young people, and community leaders in the “Save the Children. Stop the Violence” rally. Morrow organized the rally as a means to show that the community is demanding the senseless violence plaguing the area stop.

Rev. Jerald Danzell of Asbury UMC gave the opening prayer and an inspirational talk to the children present. Mayor Ronnie Williams also spoke as did Michael Wilson, candidate for Sheriff. Community leader Ed Ward, Councilwoman Betty Sawyer-Smith, and School Board members Dorothy McGaskey and Rev. Steven Harris attended the rally, as did several officers from the Natchitoches Police Department.

A somber note brought home the human cost of violent crime in the community. There were eight framed photographs of people whose lives were cut short by an act of senseless violence. Each person was memorialized and had their photograph presented to their family.