Greetings: Natchitoches Parish

It is impressive to know that the members of Natchitoches Parish in District 2 are satisfied with my leadership. Because for the 2nd time since my Governor’s appointment I am still running unopposed. Although in my current position as the Parish Council Chair Person, I now have to be concerned with issues in the entire Parish. We have for the most part a great team in place that uses the voice of their District members when conducting the issues at hand. But as seen in the past, there have been several cases where personal beliefs seem to take precedence and opposition. 

I am anxious to welcome and work with any new representative that are elected going forward. But I pray that the members we have left will stay in their current position because we have much more to do for you since we are off and running for the good of the PARISH.  Remember if the leaders fails then we all fail.

Thanks again, 

William T Allen Sr., (aka Mr. Bill)