Candidacy Announcement: Joseph Metoyer, Parish Council District 5

I, Joseph Metoyer, humbly approach the tax payers of District 5 in Natchitoches Parish with my candidacy as a Council Member.  It would my my honor and great privilege to be an employee to the 5,311 tax payers in this great district. 

I’m a firm believer in having effective leaders who not only embrace change but also effectively lead others through change. It’s my pledge to this district to be an ambassador of change. 
Through my travels throughout this country I’ve see the accommodations of rural areas vs. ours. I’ve  spoken to the leaders of those counties/parishes and researched their methods of generating finances  to correct the problems with their infrastructure and dilapidated roadways. We as a whole in District 5 also have that ability through our natural resources. We have spoken and enough is enough. It’s time to make the effective corrections, not only to rebuild but rebrand the rural community. With hard work, fresh new ideas to generate funding, and some old fashioned ways we can unite as a team to get things back to the way they used to be.
I’m a Cane River native and a father of four. My current occupation is in transportation at Walmart as a driver in a private fleet. I’ve worked in manufacturing management, overseeing projects and shipping worldwide. I’m a product of Natchitoches Central High, Calvin High, and Central Louisiana Community Technical College.
I pledge 50% of my wages back to the good samaritan’s list by way of red fuel at Valley Farmers. As I conclude I reiterate that upon being hired (elected) I will work for the people of this district while being governed by the by-laws of the home rule character. I can be reached at 318-581-6611 or by email