Letter to the Editor: From Natchitoches to Shreveport

I lived in Natchitoches and owned a business there for 35 years. When I first lived in Natchitoches I enjoyed the town. My children would go to the nearby park. I didn’t worry for their safety. I was not afraid to go shopping in the evening, after dark. The public schools offered a quality education. It was a good place for a family to live. Until it wasn’t. 
I live in Shreveport now. I do not feel less safe here. I do not miss the Christmas Festival that lost its spirit years ago. I do miss the Bluegrass Festivals that were held at a local plantation years ago. It didn’t seem to matter what color or religion you were. Families would just enjoy the music and fellowship. Thanks to the Murphy family for those fun times. The Festival died after a few years due to lack of support. I remember a tongue in cheek version of Gone With The Wind also put on at a plantation out of town. It was fun. We all laughed a great deal. Perhaps with the right support that also could have continued. The list could go on. 
I also miss the many people who were my customers over the years. Thank you for supporting a locally owned business. 
Hazel Gisby-Mayfield
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