Court date changed to October 2 for suit involving term limit violations

By Edwin Crayton/Opinion

As I mentioned previously in this column, Citizens for Democratic Action and Helen Obioha are suing the Natchitoches Community Improvement Foundation (NCIF) for term limit violations. The suit alleges that some NCIF board members are either 1 year or 2 years over their term limits, based on documents which include IRS information. The suit also alleges that NCIF is in violation of its own court approved bylaws and seeks to get NCIF to comply. Ms. Obioha is a current member of the NCIF board. The Natchitoches Community Improvement Foundation was created to distribute settlement money resulting from a spill of pcbs in Sibley Lake in the late 1990s. The money is designated to go to citizens in Natchitoches. The new court date has been scheduled for Monday, October 2, 2023 at 9am in the courthouse located at 200 Church Street in Natchitoches.

And then there’s this…
Well, it’s been quite a very hot and rough summer hasn’t it? Many people are in need due to fires, war and rough weather. The Bible tells us to do unto others as we would want them to do to us. It’s a compelling command. This means we are called by Jesus himself, to put ourselves in the shoes of the suffering and help however we can. In Matthew Chapter 25, we see that Christ said that when we help the least of these, we are helping him. Giving is the best and surest way to demonstrate true, genuine Christian love. Even if you are not a Christian, helping your neighbor ends up helping you as well as the whole community. The following neighbors locally and around the world could use a hand up from all of us.
Hawaii’s alluring beauty was marred badly by devastating fires on its second largest island, Maui. The fires have led to death, massive damage and homelessness. Donate by sending check or money order to: American Red Cross, PO Box 37839 Boone, IA 50037-0839. Or give by phone: 1-800-435-7669.

In Sudan, brutal fighting has created a situation in which thousands of frightened refugees are fleeing for their lives. Families and their children are starving. How can you help? The World Food Program is providing vital assistance. Visit their website at:

They are also helping in Morocco which was recently hit by crippling quakes.
West Louisiana fires have also caused suffering. Many need donations of various kinds. Your church can help. Local churches are also already helping. Call around. Giving to the Louisiana Red Cross can also make a difference. Or contact the mayor’s office in towns affected by damage: