NSU invites alumni to join DemoNSUnite networking platform

Northwestern State University’s Office of Alumni Affairs has created a community networking platform exclusively for NSU alumni.  The DemoNSUnite platform is another way that alumni can explore and network with NSU entrepreneurs, connect mentors with mentees, post or find jobs and stay current on NSU news and events.

The capabilities of the platform include a News feed from the main NSU page to keep users informed of happenings at NSU, Events feed to stay informed of upcoming events and ticketing information for NSU events and a Live feed that will circulate content from the platform.  The platform also includes a Forums section where topics to engage alumni will be posted, an Opportunities section where individuals can post job listings and mentorship opportunities and a People Directory, where users can navigate and locate other users within the platform.

“The goal of DemoNSUnite is to provide a networking platform for NSU alumni to engage with each other and rekindle friendships,” said Danielle Antoon Cobb, director of Alumni Affairs. “This platform serves as a virtual community where alumni can interact and support each other personally and professionally. As undergraduates, NSU provided us with the education and skills needed to excel in our careers. This platform allows us to network amongst professionals in our fields and beyond. We hope this platform will unite alumni and enable individuals seeking new opportunities to find them. The features of this community will keep alumni up to date with the happenings on campus and opportunities provided by fellow alumni worldwide. In addition, alumni will be able to connect with fellow alumni who graduated within the same decade.”

Individuals can request to join the platform by visiting nsudemonsunite.com/signup or following the QR code below. 

For more information, contact Danielle Antoon Cobb, director of Alumni Affairs at cobbd@nsula.edu or (318) 357-5513.