NOTICE: Regarding Saturday’s Consolidated School District 11 Tax proposition

The Secretary of State and the Commissioner of Elections for the State of Louisiana have determined that a procedural issue has developed in connection with the upcoming election scheduled for November 18, 2023 for the Consolidated School District 11 tax proposition to benefit the school in this district. It was determined that the list of precincts provided by the Registrar of Voters to the Secretary of State do not reflect the actual boundaries of Consolidated School District 11. Consequently, the ballots provided by the Secretary of State do not reflect the actual boundaries of the Consolidated District. The result of the incorrect ballots is that some voters within the Consolidated District are not going to be able to vote on the proposition, while some voters outside the Consolidated District would inadvertently be otherwise able to vote on the proposition.

The Natchitoches Parish School Board recognizes this circumstance, and will not process the results of the election, regardless of the outcome, as the results will be legally vacated. The Secretary of State’s office has agreed to place the Consolidated District proposition on the ballot on March 23, 2024, without additional cost to the School Board, as those costs will be borne by the State of Louisiana.

Furthermore, the timing of the March 23, 2024 election will allow the Natchitoches Parish School Board to meet its goal of being in a position to advance the interests of the school within the Consolidated School District 11 as planned, and especially the students who will benefit from those revenues.