Natchitoches is Number ONE – USA Today’s 10 Best.

NumberThe Reader’s of USA Today’s 10 Best Southern Small Towns Winner is:

Natchitoches, Louisiana – Voted NUMBER ONE as the Favorite Southern Small Town!!

Congratulations to our Great City and Parish!

25 thoughts on “Natchitoches is Number ONE – USA Today’s 10 Best.

  1. Hello fellow Natchitochians:
    This is a wonderful lil town with all of it’s problems, setbacks, crime, etc. What place doesn’t have those issues. Love it! This is my home of 62 yrs. Born and reared here, married here and raised all 5 of my children here. Still here! Congratulations to Natchitoches for being bored No. 1 ..we deserve the recognition!
    Beverly H. Rachal

  2. My mother Billie Jean Metoyer was born and baptized on Natchitoches, La. (Cane River), as well as her entire family, we never visited their birth place, but plan to soon #Congratulations

  3. Congratulations, knackatush. My first home in 1941 of 24 homes. Always wanted to come back to see you. Have watched “Steel Magnolias” many times. Read that you’re known for your fried pies. Saw Oprah’s TV show filmed there after she was graciously invited to come visit your town. Keep up the good work and great southern cooking.

  4. I grew up there. I live in Houston now but can’t wait to retire in Natchitoches . I love coming back yo the laid back paradise .

  5. Congratulations to our wonderful and fair city finally receiving it’s recognition born and brought up there I live in California right now but plan to retire back home soon

  6. My granddaughter goes to school there at LSMSA, we loved our visit there and will be back, from Barrie Ontario, Canada

  7. Hey, USA Today, I would love to know how you made your choices. #7, Beaufort, SC, has a ridiculous crime rate. My daughter made the unfortunate choice of buying a home there. In the last year her lawn mower, car jack, and all of her lawn furniture were stolen from her back yard and there were two armed robberies just this past week. The center of town is fairly quaint but hold onto your wallets and lock your car!

    • So do you know of any towns of any size where things like this don’t happen? It isn’t a reflection on the whole town! Nachitoches is a beautiful place filled with mostly friendly people, a great university, symphony orchestra, wonderful celebrations, historic homes, a fun Christmas celebration and lots more! No, I don’t live there but I do love it!

    • Yes I too would like to know how the towns wee chosen. Natchitoches ( city)has the highest tax rates, high crime rate, and shady public officials. The list could be expanded easily. Sounds like a lot of local online votes ! Possibly a great place for an extended weekend but no where close to best small town!

  8. Had an opportunity to visit this magical and laid back place in 2014. Best trip ever , can’t wait for my next visit . I plan on fishing the Cane River !!! Definitely worthy of the number #1 rating 😄

  9. As a South Carolina visitor, Natchitoches is an enchanting and warm town with a southern charm that draws you back time after time.

  10. Made famous from the movie “Steel Magnolias.” Loved the movie and the town. Live 30 miles from it.

  11. My hometown for 37 years. Beautiful town, wonderful people, and great history.
    A great place to retire and plan to…

  12. Many dedicated people working together to make this happen. Congratulations to them and the town of Natchitoche for your success.

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