Candidate for Clerk of Court withdraws from race.

ScottStetsonfamilyFriends and family of Natchitoches Parish,

As a leader it is a necessary part of the process to assess and re-assess as situations develop to ensure that the greater good for everyone involved is met. I have recently been faced with a fiscal reality that is significantly different than any of my fellow Clerk of Court candidates and have made a decision based off the greatest interest of fulfilling my responsibilities as the patriarch of my family rather than continue my campaign for Clerk of Court.

You will still see me as I will remain invested in our community and look forward to growing deeper roots, firmer foundations, and stronger friendships in the years to come. I want to thank the entire community for the open embrace that we have received since our arrival.

To all our candidates still running; I pray for peace and strength with you and your families through these next few months. May you all, regardless of the outcome find yourselves in good health and great spirits and be faithful servants to the residents of Natchitoches Parish.

Very respectfully,

Scott A. Stetson Sr.