Ponderings with Doug – July 24, 2015

Worship is very different for those of us leading it.dougthumb

First we can see you guys. The universal truth across all denominations is that people are creatures of habit. For the most part you sit in the same seat every Sunday. We have three services and the ministers have three seating charts locked in our minds. If you are a missing Methodist, we likely noted that in our mental seating charts. Our new worship guy rearranged the seats in our CrossRoads worship space. It has been hilarious watching folks discover their new seating arrangement. Most landed within five feet of their previous seats. Amazing!

We also notice other mundane things like light bulbs needing to be replaced. There are a couple of Exit signs that need replacement bulbs. So, while we are singing “Standing on the Promises” watching all the folks sitting on the premises, we are making mental notes for the church maintenance staff. We are also noting what comes next so there will not be any unplanned silence. Everyone knows that during the offering the preacher is mentally finishing the sermon.

Last Sunday, during the visual perusal of the worship space I made an amusing discovery. It seems that in putting Christmas up, one of the Chrismons (A chrismon is a Christian symbol representing Jesus Christ.) escaped the tree and landed behind the organ console. I don’t know why I looked back there but my visual daydreaming yielded that discovery. I have made a note to capture the elusive Chrismon and pack it away until the appropriate time.

I figured if Hobby Lobby can have whole sections of their store devoted to Christmas I can write about it in July. It won’t be long until the city will start decorating for the festival. Those are my two fall countdowns. The countdown to the first SEC football game and the countdown to Christmas festival decoration are benchmarks in my spiritual journey. I know that fall is coming when those two things happen.

How would our world be different if we had an outbreak of Christmas joy in the middle of the July heat?

Now sing along with me:

“Joy to the world, the Lord has come.”