66th Demon Battalion activated

ROTC Activation

Northwestern State University’s Department of Military Science held an activation ceremony for the 66th Demon Battalion in which senior Reserve Training Corps (ROTC) cadets assumed leadership of the battalion.

Cadet Gavin Bazer was recognized as Cadet Commander of the 66th Demon Battalion by Lt. Col. Katherine Carlson, head of the Department of Military Science.

“What an amazing group of young individuals that have identified their passion to serve and have set a goal to be leaders, to become officers in the United States Army, one of the most noble professions, as keepers of the nation’s safety and stewards that uphold the values within our constitution,” Carlson said.

During the program, several cadets were recognized for having completed summer training schools. Recognized for complete Cadet Leadership Training at Fort Knox, Kentucky, were Cadet Donnette Stokes, Cadet Keshira McKnight, Cadet Bianca Covington, Cadet Inna Greene, Cadet Alejandro Cespedes, Cadet Laura-Rose Porter and Cadet Vanessa Merritt.  Cadet Sonia Ortiz and Cadet Joey Wills were recognized for completing the Cadet Initial Entry Training at Fort Knox. Cadet Shaffer Kimball was recognized for completing Army Air Assault School in Fort Benning, Georgia.

During the ceremony Bazer and Carlson uncased the unit’s colors, which signify esprit de corps, courage and tradition.

“I encourage all of you here today, including the staff, faculty and other members or the community, if you see someone wearing an Army uniform or even an Army ROTC shirt, understand that there is a huge commitment behind the uniform and also understand that soldier or cadet is ready to defend for you and this wonderful country,” Bazer said.

For information on Northwestern State’s Department of Military Science, visit armyrotc.com/edu/northwesternstatela/index.htm.