Election Day 2015

Nowlin Logo-SPOT-2012-08-22 with No. 52Dear Friends,

Saturday, October 24th, is election day and it is important that you exercise your right to vote.  If you did not vote early, please make every effort to vote.

While there are a number of important elections to be decided, the Parish President election is critically important to the future of our beloved Parish.  It will determine not only who will serve, but also the direction the Parish will take.  Since taking office less than 3 years ago, we have accomplished so much.  Here are just a few of our accomplishments:

1.  Balanced the budget
2.  Paid our bills as they became due.
3.  Paid down nearly $200,000 of the debt to the Detention Center that the Police Jury created.
4.  Reduced the size of the administrative staff to save over $200,000 per year in operating expenses.
5.  Reorganized Parish departments to make them more efficient and productive.
6.  Adopted a more accountable and transparent method of operation—focusing on service to the public.
7.  Achieved renewal of the Head Start program for 5 years.
8.  Improved maintenance of all Parish buildings and facilities.
9.  Implemented a more comprehensive and effective purchasing system based on requisitions and budget considerations.
10.  Prioritized our road maintenance program.
11.  Secured over $8,000,000 in State Capital Outlay funds in the State plan for local projects—primarily roads and bridges.

We have made a great start, but there is much more to be done.  We simply cannot afford to go back to the old days and the old ways of doing business as a Parish.  We must continue to move forward.

It is a great honor to be allowed to serve as your Parish President.  I humbly ask that you help me continue our progress by voting to re-elect me as your Parish President on Saturday, October 24th.

Thank you, and may God bless you and our Parish.


The Natchitoches Parish Journal received this submission from Parish President Rick Nowlin. The views and opinions expressed are those of Mr. Nowlin and not necessarily those of the Natchitoches Parish Journal.  If you have an article or story of interest for publishing consideration by the NPJ, please send it to NPJNatLa@gmail.com.