Sons of Confederate Veterans respond to Mayor Lee Posey

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Thomas E. Taylor Commander, Louisiana Division Sons of Confederate Veterans

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22 thoughts on “Sons of Confederate Veterans respond to Mayor Lee Posey

  1. Why not line the entire parade route with people waving the Confederate Battle Flag? Put on your uniforms and join the parade crowd! The more flags the better!!

  2. One must wonder; one is compelled to ponder; one is moved to consider why the good mayor has had a change of heart this year. The same little group which motivates themselves with a false narrative about all things Southern and Confederate have been around for a while and have previously attempted, to no avail, to pressure various mayors and other officials about Confederate symbols in the Natchitoches Christmas Parade. I conclude that there is now a more powerful political figure, more powerful than the mayor, who has become the advocate for this ill-informed group. With his political clout, he has been able to “adjust the mayor’s understanding” so that the mayor now has the “right understanding.” I could well be quite wrong; but this is what I intuit.

  3. When one group of people have the right (or they believe they have the right) to seize and trample the rights of another group of people….that’s the first step towards anarchy. Mr. Posey has taken this first step. He isn’t concerned about his political career in making this decision. I was in a meeting with him about this situation and he told us, “I may lose some white votes, but if I’m not reelected they, will get a black mayor.” This man cannot be trusted and will cost the city of Natchitoches much in revenues. Please stay tuned if you want to know what you can do to stand up and be heard.

    • Sounds like he thinks all white people are racist and they will rally around their battle flag and vote for him because he is white. They haven’t done that to the sheriff and I don’t think they will for him. He sounds like the racist. This man made a poor choice. He thinks a black mayor is going to be worse than him??

      • He definitely made it sound like we would do well to heed his decision or we would, Heaven forbid, see a black mayor sitting in his chair and it would be our fault. I don’t care what color the mayor is……bigotry and ignorance knows no color.

  4. There are no winners in this: Only whiners and losers. The “whiners” are of the politically correct class and those who bend to their will; the “losers” are everyone–and on BOTH sides, but most especially the people of the city of Natchitoches and annual visitors for the Christmas parade who have for years have cited the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) as one of the most enjoyable and memorable of all the parade participants. The most lasting and positive impression made by any group participant in this parade in the last twenty years has been that of the entry of the SCV, which has always presented its symbols with good order and within historically accurate context, covering the organization with honor and treating the onlookers to the biggest “bang” as Confederate reenactors fired volleys at predetermined points along the parade route. Educational, enlightening, enjoyable…fun and exciting. It is said that no good deed goes unpunished; that also applies, apparently, to parade entries ushering in a season of “Good Will” while exposing the lack of it at the top of the city administration of Natchitoches, a charming and historic city. Charm and history is traded, in this instance, for Shame and Hysteria. Shame on you Mr. Mayor, for succumbing to the hysteria of the those unconcerned about anything but their own agenda.

  5. Let me offer this little tidbit of fact to the slave owning South charade -Let’s not forget to mention this little detail !! 173 African tribes participated in the slave trade. The Arab and European traders waited at ports along the Ivory Coast and Ghana and other west African coast countries and rarely went into the interior. As the trade flourished the tribes went further east into the Congo, Angola, etc. They drove their captives hard for hundreds of miles, beating, raping, and murdering those that resisted. Many died of exhaustion, starvation, and disease. When they got to the ports, if they weren’t bought ( mostly for guns and rum) their captors would behead them on the spot. It is estimated that of 20 million taken(1600-1808) over half never lived to see the ports. Less than 700,000 came to America, most went to Brazil and various Arab countries, not to mention intra-African tribal trades. sources History Channel, History Network, PBS, George Mason College and other institutions

    • It seems that the mayor is giving in to the misinformed and politically correct in his town. What a shame!
      I also see that he will not accept any flag that has the St Andrew´s cross on it. What does this mean?
      Think about that!

  6. My great grandfather built the home where the Fleur de Lis Bed & Breakfast is now & he & two of his brothers helped found the town of Robeline. His two older brothers were Confederate veterans & fought proudly for the cause. They are rolling over in the grave with the banning of the Confederate flag from the parade. It is a slap in the face of all the Confederate veterans that prevented the ransacking of Natchitoches by Federal troops during the Battle of Mansfield, a fate of which Alexandria was not spared.

  7. Scalawag, indeed.
    Full Definition of SCALAWAG. 1. : scamp, reprobate. 2. : a white Southerner acting in support of the reconstruction governments after the American Civil War often for private gain.

  8. Flag rally and convoy and hog roast set for Nov. 21 starting at 10:00AM. Bring your American or Confederate flags and join us.
    Who in the Great South will be waving the Confederate Flag with pride–because they can!!?
    Well, you have a chance to come together with other like-minded people in Louisiana this month!! If you’re close enough to join other fed-up Americans for an AWESOME BBQ and some good fellowship, here is a great opportunity!
    Contact Steve Jones 337-424-5025 or DeWayne Guice 318-758-0000 for more info !!
    Rocking C Bar…….
    1919 N Macarthur Dr,
    Alexandria, LA 71303
    Flag Rally set for November 21st at The Rocking C Bar in Alexandra,
    1. 10 a.m. Tickets will go on sell for a drawing of a Griswold &Gunnison 44. Cal. Confederate Revolver for a 1 dollar donation and a 50/50 drawing for a 2 dollar donation.
    2. 12:00 Lunch will be served. Pulled Pork sandwiches and chips. Drinks will be served at the bar.
    3. 1:00 p.m. The drawing for the tickets
    4. 1:30 p.m. The Rally will proceed to Natchitoches Bring your Confederate, American flags, Christian flags and POW/MIA flags.

    3:00 p.m. We will meet with all those coming form north Louisiana at the Natchitoches exit Hwy 6 go to the Chevron parking lot Rex Dukes will be in charge and gathering all those together.

  9. With all of the actual problems that are in this parish, we choose THIS to fight over? Why can’t we spend this much energy on creating jobs, improving education and a myriad of other things. Get a grip Natchitoches.

  10. i do not understand why it is permissible for people watching the parade to carry the Confederate flag, but not for the people marching in the parade. That is totally stupid! Mr. Posey is SO wrong about this and I for one will not be attending something that I have gone to my whole life. Campti, La is my home town.

  11. The Citizens loved us being in the parade. I did it for years, running gunfight between federals and confederates. We will be missed. The Mayor has bought in on the doing away with our southern heritgage. so sad. I will not be attending anything in that town again. Yes, I love the flag my ancestors fought for, for states rights and the right to leave the union. I am previously, Lt. Cmdr. of the Louisiana Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans. You sir, are, a scalawag.

  12. Wait until that citizen group reads a history book and discovers that the LSU Fighting Tigers are named after a very famous and feared Louisiana Confederate Unit the Louisiana Fighting Tigers from the wharfs of New Orleans. My favorite quote by Gen. Stonewall Jackson, when in battle turned in his saddle to Gen. Richard Taylor of Louisiana, and said “General Taylor release your Tigers”. Oh my if they only knew a little history!!!!!!!!! Got to rename LSU.

    • Did you know that William Tecumseh Sherman was the first Superintendent at the Louisiana State Seminary of Learning and Military Academy—the school that would become Louisiana State University?

    • Mike, did you know that William Tecumseh Sherman was the first Superintendent at the Louisiana State Seminary of Learning and Military Academy—the school that would become Louisiana State University?

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