Weather -A Four State Impact

Timing and Overview:

An intense squall line is expected to develop near the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and rapidly shift east into East Texas and southeast Oklahoma through the mid to late morning hours, and continue on into southwest Arkansas and northern Louisiana by late morning through the afternoon and early evening hours. This linear complex of storms will pose a primary threat of damaging straight-line winds while isolated tornadoes and large hail, while lesser threats, will also be in play.  An enhanced risk for tornadoes will be in play for our extreme eastern areas of north central Louisiana and southern Arkansas, which is a change from the previous forecast. Flash flooding will also be a concern due to the intense rainfall rates expected along the squall line as it advances eastward.

Four State Impacts: Tornadoes:  Isolated, possibly embedded within the squall line. Portions of north central Louisiana will see an enhanced risk for tornadoes.

Winds:  Some of the stronger, more intense storms embedded within the squall line may produce winds of 60-70 mph, which will likely down trees and power lines. Given that the soils remain near saturation from recent heavy rainfall, even sub-severe winds may uproot trees.

Hail:  Hail up to the size of quarters will be possible.

Rainfall:  Widespread 2-4 inches will be common (with locally heavier amounts), enhancing the risk for flash flooding.