The Battle of Pleasant Hill Battle Committee statement on the Mayor of Natchitoches’ Confederate Battle Flag Ban:

Battle of Pleasant Hill

The Battle of Pleasant Hill Battle Committee was deeply troubled by the recent ban request from Mayor Posey to the Natchitoches Festival of Lights Committee concerning the flying of Confederate flags by the Sons of Confederate Veterans. As of today, Mr. Posey has decided to exclude and offend a group of people who have participated in the city’s parade for the past 25 years with no incident.

The flags the SCV fly are used in historical context. The main goal of the SCV is to preserve the history and memories of the Confederate soldier. Many do this by going to great lengths to display their uniforms and flags accurately. Flying the flags of the Confederate States of America is a major part of that historical display of respect for the men who chose to fight for the Confederacy, asking them to do otherwise is offensive to the members of the SCV and is not representing the historical context of the Confederate soldier.

As a committee that also goes to great lengths to preserve history, it was very troubling to us that our Battle of Pleasant Hill Battle Queen was told she was unwelcome to ride in the Christmas Lights Parade because on her crown is a flag of the Southern Cross and because of what our event represents. This causes an issue with our Battle Queen because she is required, per her contract, to ride in the Christmas Parade. After consulting with a Natchitoches Festival of Lights committee individual, we were told she could ride in the parade if she did not wear her crown or have any flag.

The Battle Queen’s crown is her calling card. It advertises to the public who she is. A ban on her crown would cause her to be singled out, embarrassed, and diminish her ability to represent her festival to the best of her ability. This is not a condition we feel is acceptable for our Battle Queen.

When the SCV LA Division Commander, Mr. Thomas Taylor, spoke with Mayor Posey on Thursday, November 12, 2015, we asked Mr. Taylor to represent our Battle Queen in his talks with Mayor Posey.  During that meeting the SCV were told they are unwelcome at the parade, but our Battle Queen would be allowed to ride in the parade with her crown, barring she did not carry a flag. This is still troubling to our committee because there is still a ban on Confederate flags. We are concerned for the safety of our Battle Queen and that she may be turned away from the parade because of her crown. We have been given no assurance from the Festival of Lights or the City of Natchitoches that if our Battle Queen attends they will be able to keep her from harm because of the flag on her crown and because of the nature of our festival.

As an event that is involved in a local historical battle, we feel it is disrespectful of Mayor Posey to allow our Battle Queens crown, but not the SCV, who attend our event and help us to reenact history for the public.
The Louisiana Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and The Battle of Pleasant Hill are organizations dedicated to preserving history for future generations to learn and enjoy.

The Battle of Pleasant Hill Battle Committee stands with the Louisiana Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The Battle of Pleasant Hill Battle Committee has agreed to accept another event’s invitation to a Louisiana festival where there are no restrictions on our Queen, where she is free to represent her festival to the best of her ability and is assured of her safety at that festival. As of this date, we will be reconsidering any future Battle Queens inclusion to the Natchitoches Festival of Lights Parade and Festival because of the ban on Confederate flags and the Louisiana Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. We hope the City of Natchitoches and the Natchitoches Festival of Lights would reconsider this ban for future events.

Katelyn Nichole Yates
November  17, 2015

14 thoughts on “The Battle of Pleasant Hill Battle Committee statement on the Mayor of Natchitoches’ Confederate Battle Flag Ban:

  1. I say HUZZAY!! to both the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Battle of Pleasant Hill Committee for their manly defensive of Southern American heritage, which is the heritage of ALL of us. It is not merely offensive, but a SIN to degrade that which is honorable because of what dishonorable people have done and do. No one that is educated could reasonably be offended at the honorable display of any flag of American history, and certainly not by the SCV, UDC, the Battle Queen or any other person celebrating their heritage. The goal of the appeasers will not be served by offending all Southerners who know their history and take pride in whom and what we were and are. As for those who suffer from some sort of hurt, I ask you – why has it taken half a century since the 1960s for “activists” to decide that the Battle Flag must be suppressed? I suspect someone has been teaching hatred – which I thought we all knew was wrong. The fact of the matter is that since there is no longer anything of substance to protest – that a made-up issue was needed by the race-baiters. That anyone serving in a responsible government position should act based upon this Marxist theater IS A DISGRACE. I am a South Carolinian working to take back our heritage and government from the opportunists here who have sold out their state for national office and other favors. DO NOT CAVE to people who advocate for weakness, lies and cultural genocide.

  2. Starting your own parade or public festival sounds like an idea that should be considered. Consult with public officials in Jefferson, Texas, another city that is embracing their history. Those who are not interested can stay home.

  3. Lets Get “Christ” back into our Christmas Festival.
    Not hate and arguing over the “Rebel Flag”.
    GOD Don’t like Ugly!!!

    • You know I see a post like this everytime I read this, I would just like to know what exactly is “Christmas” about this parade other than the Christmas bells, Angels & Santa Claus! The last time I was there maybe 1 band, and I emphasize 1, may have played a Christmas song. Someone please enlighten me, Thank you!

  4. the war is over, live and let live, it offends people, put it in a museum, get over it!
    God Bless America, and Natchitoches. circle your wagons Robeline, we are commin get your flag, LOL!!!

    • Only problem is a lot of things offend ALOT of people so we put this away so does everything else have to be put away .how bout if it offends you then you don’t go to parade and you get over it. How bout we stop black history month and black her a tiger parade

  5. I support Sons of the Confederate Veterans & the Battle of Pleasant Hill committee in their stand to preserve and celebrate the history of this area and their freedom to do so. The mayor’s decision to oppress the expressions of certain citizens for fear of some unfounded threat from others is a weak demonstration of leadership. As a taxpayer, voter, American, and southerner, I reject the mayor’s position to single out certain parties and violate their right of expression in favor of others who might be offended. I support nonviolent expression from any and all Americans and the members of Sons of the Confederacy have done nothing to afford the mayor and council to forbid them that right.

  6. I have met the battle of pleasant Queen. She is a nice person and when I saw her crown I said I would love for my daughter to be that queen one day. I hate that the Ignorant of some people and a spineless mayor she will not represent t her title and the history of Louisiana. But I would be worried for her safety also. People are stupid.Thank you battle of pleasent hill for thinking about her safety in this embarrassing time of New history being made or rewritten. Hold your head high and your crown higher!!! 👸👸👸👸👸

  7. It’s incredibly ironic that those same people touting “historical accuracy” don’t address the facts that the confederate battle flag was in fact not the flag of the Confederate states during the Civil War. Nor is it addressed that since that time period, this particular flag- the Battle Flag- was used and popularized during the Civil Rights movements by groups opposing segregation and used as the banner of racism and Southern pride that our ancestors NEVER intended. It is incredibly unfortunate but that too is the history of this flag. My personal opinion of something does not trump the facts and history or collective cultural understanding of a thing. The only people who get away with that kind of thinking are children who don’t know any better. We must understand that a call to “historical accuracy” is just that- accurately understanding where we’ve come from so that now in the present we may make decisions that move us forward as a culture to a better tomorrow.

    • The research ve dne n this shows you are wrong I think you are one that needs t know facts . And facts also say the fluer -dis-lis was also used to mark slaves and they are everywhere .how bout if it offends you or anyone else keep your butt at home or when certain parts that offend you comes up go get a turkey leg or something nobody’s holding a weapon to your head saying you have to watch

  8. My hats off to the Battle of PLeasant Hill Committee. I have been personally involved with them in years past, when I was with Co. E., 5th Louisiana infantry, that helped put on the event. Perhaps Pleasant Hill needs to put on a parade the same time as the shamed one in Natchitoches is put on. I would be in Pleasant Hill. I remember the support of the town and Mr. Poinbuff that owns the battlefield. He was a great man. Salute! I am past Lt. Cmdr.. of the Louisiana Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans.

  9. It is refreshing to see people stand up for something good. I get so frustrated at the PC ignorance these days. There is not much I can do about the ignorant, but it does relieve some of my frustration by doing what I can. So I will support your parade not Natchitoches’s and drive a little further to Many to shop. It may not seem like much to some, but it will make me feel like I am fighting back and not just being slapped around. This will make me feel better and keep me from just hollering back at the TV. Thank you for standing up against the PC crowd and I feel better knowing I’m not alone. Let the war begin I start my battle today.

  10. What a display of courage . They did not run and hide under their beds like Mayor Posey , the poor frightened little man !! God bless you Pleasant Hill . you have courage and principle , unlike Mayor Posey.In fairness to the Mayor , he is intimidated by racist criminals whom threaten violence , though thinly veiled in my opinion !!!

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