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A critical component of the mission of the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office is to provide quality community services to the citizens which benefits the entire parish. The Community Services Division’s programs support, inform, and engage with citizens and families in our community. These services in turn help build a stronger and safer Natchitoches Parish.

We offer the “Are You Ok” program for senior citizens, which is an automated phone service that checks on the safety of senior citizens by contacting them each day at a designated time.  If the call is not answered after repeating the attempt to reach the senior citizen, we dispatch a patrol deputy to the residence to conduct a welfare check of the senior citizen.  This program is a free service that is open all seniors in Natchitoches Parish. We also work closely with the Patrol Division to receive reports and feedback from their daily operations to identify potential service needs for any citizen throughout the parish.

Our division also administers the Families in Need of Services (FINS) program which serves over 200 families a year by providing mental health referrals, medical service referrals, clothing and food assistance. Additionally, we provide useful training classes to help foster stable and positive family atmospheres at home.  We offer parenting classes, personal financial education, anger management, substance addiction awareness classes just to name a few.

We also support victims of domestic violence through our Crime Victims Assistance program.  These free services include individual and group support for domestic violence, personal safety, health and personal care, life skills and personal education.

We all know of the impact drugs have on any community and probably know someone who has been affected directly by drug addiction, whether it’s their own personal experience or a member of their family.

The Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office recognizes drug addiction as the root cause for the breakdown of any community and is committed to helping people overcome their addictions in order to become productive citizens again.For over 10 years now, we have managed the Adult Drug Court with the 10th Judicial District Court.  The court selects non-violent drug offenders who want to participate in a structured program as an alternative to the standard judicial sentencing.  Each drug court client participates in mandatory drug addiction counseling, job assistance training, and random drug screening to ensure they are drug free during their participation.  They can complete the program when they successfully meet all requirements of the court and continue to remain drug free.

The Juvenile Drug Court is also a successful program that utilizes the Community Services Division for drug screening and group counseling sessions for juveniles selected for the program.  In addition to drug counseling, juveniles receive counseling to deal with teen issues such as peer pressure, teen pregnancy, truancy, and school related violence prevention.

The Community Services Division continues to support the overall goal of the NPSO of serving and protecting our community.If you would like to join us in participating in any of our community based programs or activities, contact our office at (318) 238-7550.


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