“Will Cruz Trump Trump?”


Joe Cunningham, III

At the beginning of this long and annoying process, we were told Jeb Bush’s nomination was inevitable. He even made the bold statement that he would be willing to lose the primary to win the general. And then, Donald Trump happened.

Jeb fell. Scott Walker fell. Everyone realized it will come down to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Those two had several jabs back and forth about records and amnesty and experience. And then Donald Trump happened.

Now, Ted Cruz is seen as inevitable. He is rocking the conservative base. He is the standard bearer for conservatism. But, it appears that, once again, Donald Trump is happening.

There are multiple reports that the GOP Establishment of Washington D.C. are flirting with the Trump camp and making overtures that could turn into support down the road. Donald is openly bragging about the Establishment seeking him out and supporting him. Could their power combined with Trump’s star power topple Cruz?

Unlikely. Polls suggest that Trump’s unfavorable rating is continuing to rise. The Establishment backing any candidate will eventually backfire on that candidate. Ted Cruz, in not attacking Donald Trump, has avoided the firing back from Trump others received. When Trump did attack Cruz, he was booed at his own rallies.

Cruz is positioning himself as The Outsider. Bush, Rubio, and even Trump now are all seen as potential pawns of the Establishment, the professional political class of Washington D.C., and the more he harps on that, the more he can win the people who are increasingly disgruntled at the status quo of Washington D.C.

To quote Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of The Joker in the original Batman movie, “This town needs and enema,” and Ted Cruz is setting himself up to give it one.

I would easily vote for Cruz, because I know I can trust him to be conservative. He connects well on issues. On a personal level, it is tougher to connect, but public appearance is his thing, and he does it well. How will the GOP react to a Cruz nomination, though?

Who knows? But it’ll be an interesting year.

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