City Council votes with the people after massive turnout against bridge on Williams Ave.

CityCouncil01-25-16 Crowd

City Council Meeting 01-25-16 Bridge Meeting

These are not official minutes

There wasn’t a seat left at the January 25th City Council meeting. They ran out of agendas as people started lining the walls of the room to speak out against the possibility of a bridge on Williams Avenue. Residents signed up to speak during the meeting instead of the pre-council meeting to ensure all council members heard what they had to say.


Mayor Lee Posey introduced Valerie Balthazar explaining that she was coming before the Council with an unusual request. She proposed a hot dog vendor cart called Demon Dogs for downtown Natchitoches. The cart would operate Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. and during special events beginning March 4.  Since she would not be operating out of a stationary location, she will need to get approval from the Tax Commission office instead of Planning and Zoning. “I came before you today because I would like you to be aware of my plan,” said Balthazar.

Jessica Broadway provided the 2015 Audit Report stating “This is an unmodified report.”   “The ending fund balance is 32 million with 10 million assigned for specific purposes. Our numbers stand at 19.3 million.



#065 of 2015 Failed:   Ordinance Authorizing The Mayor Of The City Of Natchitoches, Lee Posey, To Execute An Option To Purchase On Behalf Of The City Of Natchitoches Which Will Give The City The Option To Purchase Property At 1128 Williams Avenue From Wayne Arlo Sibley, Et Al, For A Period Of Nine Months For The Consideration Of Two Hundred Four Thousand Dollars, To Provide For Advertising, And A Savings Clause.

Posey began the discussion by urging residents to be concise and stating that he understands that 95 percent of the people here are opposed to the ordinance.

Among the residents of Williams Ave. at the meeting in opposition of the proposed bridge were Janet Harrington, Ronald Davis, John Luster, Sara Puryear-Dunn, Bray Williams and Bill Maley.  Some of the concerns voices were increased traffic, safety for bikers and pedestrians and fears that a temporary project would become permanent. Residents from streets in the area surrounding Williams Ave. were also on hand to speak out against the project. The Council voted unanimously against the proposition.

#001 Approved – Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 046 Of 2015 Authorizing Mayor, Lee Posey, To Enter Into An Intergovernmental Agreement With The Parish Of Natchitoches, The Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Department, And The Natchitoches Parish Coroner’s Office In Connection With The Funding Of A Response Vehicle For The Use Of The Coroner.

#002  Approved – Ordinance Approving The Purchase Of Several Tracts Of Ground Adjacent To The Union Pacific Railroad Right Of Way Said Tract Situated In That Area Bounded On The West By Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, On The North By Lafayette Street, On The East By Sixth Street And On The South By Trudeau Street From Northwest Louisiana Athletic League, For The Consideration Two Hundred Forty Thousand Dollars, And Authorizing The Mayor  Of The City Of Natchitoches, Lee Posey, To Execute A Cash Sale Deed  For The Purchase Of The Tracts And All Related Documents, To Provide For Advertising, And A Savings Clause.

#003 Approved – Ordinance Approving The Form And Content Of A Cooperative Endeavor Agreement With The Jackson Square Cemetery, Inc., A Non-Profit Corporation, To Provide For The Transfer Of An Area On The South End Of The Jackson Square Cemetery Property That Is Currently Used As A Part Of The Cemetery To The Jackson Square Cemetery, Inc., And To Provide For The Future Use And Maintenance Of The Area Transferred, And Further Authorizing The Mayor To Execute Same.


#004 Introduced – Ordinance Authorizing The Mayor Of The City Of Natchitoches To Award The Bid For The City Park Walking Track And Parking Project (Bid No. 0576)
Proposed Bids Include: Regional Construction, LLC Natchitoches, LA…$359,475
Credence Construction Madisonville, La … $398,720

#005 Introduced – Ordinance Renaming The Unrevoked Portion Of Lakeview Road To Harris Drive, Providing For A Public Hearing, Providing For An Effective Date Of The Ordinance, Providing For Procedure In Remarking Street, And Providing For Designation Of Name Change On Public Records.


#006 Bid Awarded – Ordinance Authorizing The Mayor Of The City Of Natchitoches
To Award The Bid For The East Fifth Park Improvements.  (Bid No. 0577) The bid was awarded to Pat Williams Construction, LCC Leesville, LA…$363,488.87


#003 Approved – Resolution Authorizing The Mayor To Enter Into A Contract With Travelers Casualty And Surety Company Of America For The Public Official Schedule Bond For The City Of Natchitoches.

#004 Approved – Resolution Authorizing The Mayor To Advertise And Accept Bids For Christmas Lighting Supplies (Bid No. 0578)

#005 Approved – Resolution Authorizing The Mayor To Advertise And Accept Bids For The Natchitoches Riverfront Overlook And ADA Ramp Project (Bid No. 0570)

#006 Approved – Resolution Ordering And Calling A Special Election To Be Held In The City Of Natchitoches, State Of Louisiana, To Rededicate The Revenues Derived From The Levy Of A Sales And Use Tax; Making Application To The State Bond Commission In Connection Therewith; And Providing For Other Matters In Connection Therewith.

REPORTS:  Pat Jones – Financial Report


  • The next scheduled City Council meeting will be February 8, 2016.
  • The offices of the City of Natchitoches will be closed Monday,February 15, 2016 in honor of President’s Day.




These are not official minutes