We are taught very early as children that if there is an emergency, pick up a phone a dial 911.  It’s the direct link to getting a rapid response to an urgent situation, whether it’s a fire, automobile accident, criminal activity, or other matters in which first responders can help a citizen in need.

The NPSO Communications Division is responsible for managing the Emergency 911 system in Natchitoches Parish.  As the Public Safety Access Point in the parish, we dispatch all emergency services including ambulance response, fire departments and municipal law enforcement agencies in addition to NPSO deputies.

LaQuita Collins serves as the Division Chief of the NPSO Communications Division.

The ability to effectively communicate could be the difference of life or death in an emergency situation. Our full time deputies in the Communications Division are qualified and specially trained to properly and efficiently provide assistance to an emergency.  Our dispatchers are receive training in call intake and assessment so they can communicate with the 911 caller in a manner that allows them to obtain as much information as possible about the situation.  This critical skill is vital in giving the responding deputy or other agency the best available background information and pre-arrival instructions so they can react quickly and safely.

Additionally, our division deputies are trained in providing assistance in domestic violence, suicides, and workplace violence response.

The 911 system in Natchitoches Parish is continually improving in technology. We are a certified compliant Enhanced 911 system. This service can better identify a caller’s cell phone information to dispatchers that is more complete and precise than standard 911.  Furthermore, all mobile devices can now make a 911 emergency call even if they don’t subscribe to a wireless carrier.

The Enhanced 911 system includes identifying the latitude and longitude of the caller within 50-300 meters. The detailed information can help deputies pinpoint the location of the citizen in need to respond quicker and be more prepared to perform the required action.

We have made other technology enhancements within the Communications Division including the use of new radio consoles. This equipment allows our dispatch operators to have continued contact with the caller who is on the phone and with the responding deputy at the location of the emergency. The system can control up to 48radio channels and is centrally monitored by the dispatch operators who can properly convey  important information.

In addition to emergency response, the NPSO Communications Division handles all non-emergency calls to the Sheriff’s Office. On many occasions, citizens may have a need for deputy service that does not require to be accompanied by emergency services.  We process all of these request accordingly and direct the appropriate deputy on duty to handle the request.

The Communications Division of the NPSO stands ready to be your first point of contact when you need help or  support.  We always encourage citizens to call us without hesitation if they are in need of our assistance.