One Strike You’re Out Policy Discussed at Parish School Board Meeting




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Permission is requested from the School Board for:

  1. Adoption of Agenda – Approved
  2. Approval of the Minutes of Dec. 3 – Approved
  3. Finance Items

Out of State Travel:

  1. Approved- Linda Page, Personnel Director, travel to Lorman, MS, February 9, 2016-February 10, 2016, to attend a teacher job fair at Alcorn University. All expenses to be paid according to the board policy.
  2. Approved-Linda Page, Personnel Director, travel to Hattiesburg, MS, March 3, 2016-March 4, 2016 to attend a teacher job fair at the University of Southern Mississippi. All expenses to be paid according to the board policy.
  3. Approved- Linda Page, Personnel Director, travel to Magnolia, AR, March 8, 2016, to attend a teacher job fair at Southern Arkansas University. All expenses to be paid according to the board policy.FINANCE, FACILITIES, SERVICES and INSURANCE REPORT
  1. Take Appropriate Action on Bids:
  2. Report Received Tuesday-Receive Transportation Report
  3. Report Received Tuesday-Receive Tax Commission Report
  4. Accepted; three areas to work on noted- School Student Activity Fund Audit for 2015
  5. Approved- Consider approving timber replant: 94 acres in Section 16, Township 5N, Range 6 W and 79 acres in Section 16, Township 11N, Range 6W.PERSONNEL REPORT
  1. No Report- Receive personnel update.EXECUTIVE REPORT
  1. Tabled until next meeting- Consider approving Zero Tolerance Fighting Rule for 7th-12th grades in the Parish.

Natchitoches Central High School Principal, Bill Gordy made a comment. “I remember 10 years ago when Doctor Murphy came to me and said I need your help. It was after Hurricane Katrina and the school had 29 fights in 30 days. From that point the two strikes your out policy was effective. Now we are at a point where we had a death last year, an almost death this year and a graduate from last year has been stabbed to death.  This is why I hope to move to a one strike your out policy. This is not an effort to run people off but to conduct school. I want to make sure it is a safe place to get an education.”

It was noted that if a student was merely defending themselves that they would not be punished and would be sent back to class if able. The 57 cameras on campus help the administration to identify if both parties fought or if one started the fight and the other was defending themselves.  So far there have been 17 fights this year.

  1. Moved to next month’s agenda- Discuss System Operations
  2. Head Football Coach and Athletic Director, Brandon Helms presented report on Parish Athletics. “We have practically every sport available at NCHS accept volleyball and bowling. We are currently in the process of adding volleyball. One out of every four students walking the halls are participating in a sport. Athletics enforce good behavior. These are not the kids that Mr. Gordy was talking about. Those kids are not good athletes and that is something we are proud of.”

It was also noted that the school needs new bleachers and could use larger locker rooms.

  1. Discussed at Committee Meeting- Report on stolen and vandalized technology items.

A person has been arrested for the theft and is reportedly a former employee of the school board.

  1. Director of the Natchitoches Parish Library, Jessica McGrath presented an overview highlighting the relationship between the School Board at the library system.