Ponderings with Doug – February 5, 2016



How important are yo? Have yo stopped to ponder that qestion?

Yo are important to yor family. They love yo and miss yo when work or other responsibilities take yo away from them. In many cases yo are the gle that holds the hosehold together. Yo  have raised or are raising the next generation to occpy places of leadership in or world.

Yo are important to yor friends. They like having yo arond and sharing good times with yo. The relationships yo share beyond yor family are the stff of great memories and lives inflencedbecase of yor life.  Yo  make a difference in the lives of yo r friends, co-workers and acqaintances.

Yo are of vale to yor Lord. Jess Christ lived and died becase he loves yo. If yo were the only person to have ever walked the face of the earth, Jess wold have lived and died jst for yo. Yor relationship with him is the most vital relationship yo will ever have. Jess wants yo to be freed from yo r sin to know the abndance of joy that he gives to His children. Being a child of God is yor birthright.

Yo are important to yor commnity. Living in Natchitoches is a blessing. Yo bring wisdom, experience to the political discssion. Yor knowledge and savvy can keep this commnity on the trajectory to greatness. This town is f n beca se yo  know how to inflenceyo r commnity.

Yo are important to yor faith commnity. Ministry happens becase yo make it happen. Yor family comes to faith in Christ becase yo drag them often kicking and screaming to chrch. Yo are doing yor dty in raising yor family in the chrch. Worship is vital and exciting becase yo are in the sanctary showing the world what God is worth in yor life.

Yo are important! The next time that yo feel yo don’t matter and that no one wold notice if yo checked o t or didn’t participate, jst look at how messed p and chaotic the world wold be withot yo.

One little yo makes all the difference in the world!

Things are messed pwithot, “u.”