The Battle of Pleasant Hill Re-Enactment

By: Kevin Shannahan

This Saturday marked the 152nd anniversary of the Battle of Pleasant Hill. Every year since the late 1970’s, there has been a re-enactment held on the actual battlefield about 3 miles from the modern site of the Village of Pleasant Hill. This year’s re-enactment featured approximately 350 reenactors from Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma with a local group representing Natchitoches Parish.

Saturday and Sunday each featured battles fought before a large crowd as well as the Battle of Pleasant Hill Queen, court and a contingent of festival and pageant queens from around Louisiana. In addition to the battles, the event featured a period dance, church service, and mail call. Local attorney and reenactor Eddie Harrington got to display his considerable legal skills, albeit to no avail, as he was led off in irons for a court martial.

Not all of the events were on the schedule, however. The 1996 Battle of Pleasant Hill Queen happily accepted a surprise marriage proposal after Saturday’s Battle. The Natchitoches Parish Journal wishes Katelyn and Corey a long, happy and blessed life together.

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