Chamber president warns members of unsolicited ad sales

Tony Davis 10

Tony Davis,P resident and CEO

The Chamber did not commission this project, nor is it endorsing the company or their practices or products.

The email from New Start Media LLC titled, “2016 Natchitoches Information Guides” states:

There will be up to 5,000 exclusive full color Natchitoches Information Guides to be distributed in July.

The distribution will be direct mail and local high traffic areas for local families and businesses to pick up.

The Information Guides are meant to keep the households safe by having all the emergency contacts and other important numbers like the local school, utilities, Police and Fire Departments.

The Information Guide is a perfect fit for all businesses looking to grow long-term in the community.

We are only looking for three to five ads from businesses that understand and support the fight to keep our families safe.

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  1. Do you have anyone on your staff that checks these replies for errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling and other things? If not, please hire someone that can spot mistakes as you are talking about the city of Natchitoches and other important issues here. Someone needs to proofread things on here prior to them being posted. This is just my opinion and I hope it does not offend anyone and is not intended for that purpose.

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