Councilmembers and mayor sworn in before attending meeting loaded with ‘first of the year’ agenda items

By Natalie Covher

The new City Council members were sworn in at the Events Center before the regular meeting Monday, June 13.

“It is an honor to serve not only district one, but the entirety of Natchitoches,” said District One Councilman Eddie Harrington. “I want to be open and easy to contact so the people in my district can ask questions and voice concerns.”

Residents of District One can contact Harrington by phone at 318-352-5900, by email at or on Facebook at C. Edward “Eddie” Harrington: Natchitoches District 1 City Councilman.

“I am grateful to have spent time attending city council meetings since October,” said Lawrence Batiste. “It has helped me prepare for my role as councilman and assisted me in understanding how to best serve District Four. I urge the people of my district to stay informed on council business, attend meetings, ask questions and keep things as transparent as possible.”

Residents of District Four can contact Batiste by phone at 318-352-3229, by email at or by mail at P.O. Box 92 Natchitoches La 71458.

Mayor Lee Posey was also sworn in at the ceremony.

“The only promise I will make is that I will continue to make Natchitoches the best it can be to position ourselves to be successful in the future,” said Posey.

A public hearing proceeded to regularly held meeting at the Arts Center. Ordinance number 24 adjusted mileage rates levied upon the dollar of the assed valuation of all property to subject to ad valorem taxation within Natchitoches Parish for 2016 to raise revenue

  • Public safety FAC/SER fire and police at 9.73 mills
  • General alimony at 6.84 mills

Ordinance number 25 says that the taxing district voted to increase the millage rates on all taxable property shown on the official assessment role for 2016.

  • Public safety FAC/SER fire and police at 10 mills for 2016 levy
  • General alimony at 7.03 mills for 2016 levy

In other council business an ordinance was introduced to change the zoning classification of property located at 226 Keyser Avenue from B2 to B3 commercial to construct a car wash. Owner Larry Willis Jr. with W&W builders operates a car wash in Alexandria and said he would love to put one in Natchitoches.

Other ordinances included:

  • Amendment to sections of chapter ten code of ordinances which deal with solicitors. These amendments would provide for the registration, licensing and regulation of solicitors, canvassers and peddlers to protect to privacy of city residents, help prevent crime and regulate commercial transactions.
  • Award to bid of 25 tons of potassium permanganate for the water treatment plant to Harcros Chemicals of Shreveport at $3.25 per pound.
  • Award to bid for the Rue Beauport Rehabilitation to Womack &Sons of Harrisonburg for $452,137.
  • The final vote on the lease at the Natchitoches Regional Airport to Flying Tiger Aviation was tabled. The lease would provide for the implementation of an aviation school.

Resolutions included:

  • Appointment of Isaac Lewis and Jacob Cooper to the City Planning Commission.
  • A contract between the City and Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services for the One Beacon Insurance Group Casualty Package insurance renewal effective June 30, 2016 through June 30, 2017 for $24,290
  • Resolution the City Council will meet every second and fourth Monday at 5:30 p.m. at the Natchitoches Arts Center.
  • The Natchitoches Planning Commission will meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at the Natchitoches Arts Center.
  • The Natchitoches Historic District Commission will meet on the first Monday of the month at 5 p.m. at the Natchitoches Arts Center.
  • The Natchitoches Airport Advisory Commission will meet on the third Monday of the month, except December, at 5 p.m. at the Natchitoches Regional Airport Terminal.
  • The Waterworks District No. 1 will met on third Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at the City Bank on Rue St. Denis.
  • The following members were appointed to the City Planning Commission: Charles Whitehead III, Rev. Bobby Claiborne, Michael Lewis, Rickey McCalister, Jamie Flanagan, Isaac Lewis and Jacob Cooper.
  • The following members were appointed to the Natchitoches Historic District Commission: Jared Dunahoe, Dr. Virginia Crossno, Sharon Gahagan, Dr. Steve Horton, Theresa Vallien, Mellissa Robinson and Marion Salter.
  • Stacy McQueary was appointed as Clerk of the Council
  • Johnson Thomas and Cunningham Law Firm was appointed as the City Auditor
  • MidSouth Bank was appointed as the Fiscal Agent
  • The Natchitoches Times was designated at the official legal journal
  • Ronald E. Corkern Jr. was appointed as City Attorney and the following as Assistant City Attorneys: Daniel T. Murchison Jr., Cloyd Benjamin Jr., Steven D. Crews, J. Chris Guillet and Lisa V. Johnson.

The following resolutions were approved:

  • A Maintenance agreement, including mowing and litter pickup, with the state, Department of Transportation and Development, Office of Engineering beginning July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017.


  • A Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with the Rapides Foundation for the Foundation’s Healthy Behaviors Mini Grant for the Ross Williams Park enhancements.


  • Contract Between the City of Natchitoches and Regional Construction, LLC. for the City Park Walking Track and Parking Project in the amount of $46,193, for a total of $405,668.


  • An agreement with the Louisiana Office of Community Development for the fiscal year 2016 Sewer Improvements and to adopt the plans, policies, appointments and authorization of individuals for compliance with the Louisiana Community Development Block Grant (LCDBG) Regulations for the fiscal year 2016.