Father’s Day Edition: Kids talk to NPJ about their dads


Father’s Day is a time to honor fathers, celebrate fatherhood and the influence of dads in day-to-day life. From the newest of dads to the oldest and all the granddads, father-in-laws and stepdads in between, these special men could use some recognition for the meaningful roles they play and the profound affect they have on people’s lives.  Here is what some kids had to say about their fathers.

“I love my dad, Josh Bennett, because I know he will always be there when I need him. My favorite memory with him is when we went to the beach in Alabama. I was happy to spend time with him and had a lot of fun swimming in the water.”- Audrey Bennett

“My dad, Rob Ahbol, takes me to the movies.”-Olivia Ahbol

“I never feel alone because my dad, Shawn Hall, has always told me that he and God are always by my side. I love him because he goes to work every day to make sure there is food for my family and so we can have a house and toys. I like thinking about how much fun we had together on the Disney Cruise we went on for my birthday.” – Kayslyn Hall

“I’m going to make my dad, Tony Procell, some paper mache animals for Father’s Day. My dad helps me with art projects.”-BaylaProcell

“I love my dad, James “Russell” Stacy. He is nice. My favorite memory with him was when we went to Africa on Vacation.”- Kaylee Stacy

“I like when my dad, David Spillman, takes me riding around the neighborhood on his motorcycle.”-Rayann Dove

“My dad, Chad Chapmen, is funny. I love him because he buys me stuff. When I was really young he took me to Disney World. He surprised me with a bunch of Disney hats and toys.” – Kaleigh Chapman

“I like that may dad, Jason Hoffpauir, always makes me laugh. We also ride around the farm on our 4-wheeler.”-Gavin Hoffpauir

“I love going places with my dad, Jesse Poole. When we were driving to Florida I got bored in the car and he made funny jokes that made the time go by faster. He always makes the funniest jokes. I also love him because he lets me pick where we eat on my birthday.” – Jessica Poole

“My dad, Richard Reece, always takes me fishing at my grandpa’s pond for bass,”-Bray Williams

“I love my dad, Earris Adams, because he cares for me. He takes me places, buys me stuff and always plays with me. If I ask him for something he always says yes.” – Ari Adams

“My dad, Randy Key, takes me on kayak rides in a creek on our property and I see turtles and snakes in the water. The creek empties into a lake in our neighborhood. My dad got me my own kayak and I can’t wait to go out in it.”-Alison Key

“The funniest thing I’ve ever done with my dad, Daryl Walker Sr., was ride on his dirt bike. At first we went really fast and then we just rode around. I have fun with my dad. He gives me toys and plays with me.”- Daryl Walker Jr.

“Last Father’s day my dad, Michael “Mickey” Matthews, took us out to eat at a restaurant and it was lots of fun. We went home after and played a game of go-fish.”-Ava Matthews

“I just love my dad, William White, a lot. He never gets me in trouble and brings me anywhere I ask. I like fishing with my dad and brother Caden. We went yesterday to a private pond and caught 42 fish.” – Caleb White