Family seeks prayers for Diana’s disappearance

By Corey Poole

Alejandro and Rosa Zacarias are searching for their 22-year-old, who went missing in the Grand Canyon about 3 months ago. Family friends Elaine and Trish Miller joined in the support efforts by raising money to go toward continued search efforts. They also arranged a candlelight vigil on the banks of Cane River Saturday, July 9. NSU students, church members, Alliance employees and residents from the community gathered to release 22 balloons and say a few prayers for Diana’s safe return.

“We go to church with several ladies that taught Diane in school,” said Trish. “This family is known here in Natchitoches. They are devastated by not knowing where their daughter is. I just can’t even imagine the heartache they have of not knowing where their daughter is. We are going to support this family with everything we have.”

Trish has reached out to CNN, John Walsh and other media outlets across the country to try and spread the news about Diana’s disappearance.

“The question I ask myself is, if it were one of my children, grandchildren, my wife, or my brother, how far would I go,” said Trish. “Let me tell you, I would go to the ends of the earth. It is so heartbreaking to see families in these situations. But I am saying that God is here in this place at this time. But for the Zacarias, it is taking everything in them to hold to that and very understandable. They are clinging to God to pull them through this. We want the news to spread about Diana.”

2 thoughts on “Family seeks prayers for Diana’s disappearance

  1. I pray Diana will return home safely. My thoughts and prayers are with you all daily. I hope you can find peace and faith throughout this difficult time. May God wrap his arms around Diana and keep her safe as well as her entire family and friends who loves her dearly. God bless you and I will continue to pray for her return. Don’t loose faith in our almighty God.

  2. My family and I are praying for you , your family and the safe return of your Daughter . We serve a awesome God , and he works Miracles every second of every day . Hold on to your faith . And Continue to trust In Him . He’s holding each of you in the palm of his hands .

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