Natchitoches showcased in 10-page spread by Louisiana Kitchen and Culture Magazine

By Natalie Covher

Corey Poole, editor of the Natchitoches Parish Journal, was recently published in the July/August 2016 edition of the Louisiana Kitchen and Culture Magazine. The 10-page destination piece on Natchitoches highlights as many aspects of the parish as possible. A previous colleague connected Poole with the publisher of the magazine.

“They knew what they wanted,” said Poole. “They were looking for someone with a passion for Natchitoches who knew where to go, what to eat and where to stay. I was glad to get the opportunity to represent Natchitoches. I love this little historic town. It has become home to me.”

The spread included a calendar of events, area attractions, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and even a meat pie recipe. Poole has lived in Natchitoches since 2004 and is familiar with the local restaurant scene. When the publisher requested the addition of an eatery off the beaten path Poole knew it was finally time to visit Grayson’s BBQ.

“I don’t know how I went that many years without eating at Grayson’s,” said Poole. “It is so good. While I was there another guest sat down and asked the waitress what was good and she replied, ‘Honey it’s all good here.’ I’m pretty sure it was some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had.”

Poole listed the plantations that everyone knows about but made sure to mention her personal favorite places to go including the American Cemetery, Fort St. John Baptiste State Historic Site and Grand Ecore Visitors Center.

“I tried to fit in a little bit of everything,” said Poole.

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  1. Local food expert that’s never eaten at Grayson’s, that so odd.
    Then for your article you publish photos of the only white person working there. So typical.

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