List of businesses scheduled to build/open in Natchitoches

Wing Grub

Natchitoches seems to be undergoing a barrage of new development. First on the list is The Wing Grub Restaurant, owned by Jonathan Thompson. Thompson, who also owns Hair Jordan’s Barbershop in Natchitoches, is working on getting all his ducks in a row before opening his new business. The restaurant will feature wings with different flavor options, sides, low content beer and a drive thru window for easy pickup. The restaurant is something he and his wife have wanted to do for a while now to offer something extra to Natchitoches residents.

The recent demolition of four buildings on Keyser Avenue is the groundwork for a new proposed free-standing retail building. The space will house several tenants, one of which is Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches.

Adore Nail and Spa will soon open in the Keyser Avenue Plaza next to Maurices.

The demolition and construction happening next-door to the Texaco at the corner of Keyser Avenue and South Drive will open soon as an Urgent Care Walk-in Clinic through the Velocity medical group of Shreveport.

After rezoning a lot on Keyser Avenue next to where the old Burger King once stood, owner of Speedy Pete’s Car Wash in Alexandria will soon start construction another Car Wash in Natchitoches.

The old KFC building on Keyser Avenue will soon house a Hardee’s.

35 thoughts on “List of businesses scheduled to build/open in Natchitoches

  1. I’d lover another Monjunis. My favorite ItalIan restaurant or a Golden Coral,and waffle House

  2. A place that serves healthy food would be a nice addition. Salad Company or Tomatoes are two restaurants I enjoy.

  3. Another vote for WHAT A BURGER. They serve a fantastic breakfast. If you want a breakfast you have only Dairy Queen on the East side. Need another place that has breakfast and a variety.

  4. All these are great ideas and would be nice to have, but there’s not enough people here to support them all. Places like Olive Garden and Red Lobster are not going to come into a town this size and try to make it on just the weekend and just one month out of the year. We need industry and even more we need population growth. Places like those can’t and won’t make without having tables full 7 nights/days a week. And that kind population is not here. So as we have it now, every time a new eatery opens it takes a few more patrons away from those already here making it even harder for those to survive. We need new industry and people first and we can eat later.

  5. It would be great if someone or a group of people to use the old Stage building to create a family spot. An inside walking track, places to hold few classes such as yoga or dance, a basketball court for kids and adults, a daycare spot for infants and toddlers while mom and dad can exercise, a reading spot and a place with computers as well as a small place to have non alcoholic drinks, snacks, and simple food items. Kids and parents can enjoy a place inside with multiple things to do.

  6. I am glad to see some new business start up,but we do need a lot more growth in this town,especially on the I-49 section.I recently moved back after
    being gone 26 years and to come back and only see a new Walmart and a Chilis was sad.I think people in this town need to accept growth and I hope it happens.

    • As long as the schools system is as bad as it is, there will not be any growth. Any industry or potential for bigger companies, I am sure, are looking what the schools are like. Trying to convince their employees to relocate to an area with crappy schools is not going to happen. Not to mention, it is hard to find people who want to work AND do a good job. So bringing in new eateries could spell disaster when they can’t find good workers.

  7. I say they need to build a hooters, you have to go all the way to bossier to one.we need one closer.

  8. We need more stuff for the kids to do in this town like a bowling ally with laser tag and other activities inside. Need to think of the kids they have nothing to do. If we want to do something with the kids we have to go out of town.

    • I agree with a Chik fil and a Jack in the box. However to put a car wash on the corner where the old Burger King use to be is insane. A permit for a car wash there should not even be considered. It would create the worst traffic back up EVER and probably a lot more accudents. A restaurant maybe but never a car wash.

    • Ditto Ayesha, because on holidays like mothers day or fathers day or even graduations you cant hardly get in Chilli”s or trail boss, so a family style restaurant such as those you mentioned would be a great thing for the city. especially my favorite one Applebee”s.

  9. We need more of a variety of eateries. Like a Long John Silver ‘ or nice restaurants like Out Back, Olive Garden, or Red Lobster. All we have here are Mexican Restaurants. We need different choices. Get tired of the same thing over and over.

  10. A What-a-Burger, and a bar/restraunt style music venue for the college and recent graduate crowd!

  11. I would like to see a mini mall on I- 49 . I think that would benefit this town well , much needed. Let’s keep our money here in our town .

  12. I think someone should come in and build a brand new skating rink and bowling alley on the lot between the movie theater and the shopping center. Both of the ones we have now are very old and outdated! Not to mention the bowling alley is so far out!

    • I agree! Just some different activities instead of all food places would be nice. It would also attract people to our town as well.

  13. We need a few more nice restaurants not quick food joints. But I would like to see a What-A-Burger here.

  14. I think a new activity would really thrive in town such as a new bowling alley, Chuck E cheese, etc. There’s not much to do here.

  15. Super excited for these businesses, especially Hardee’s and Jimmy John’s, since I worked at both of them back home in college. Hopefully they will all do well and thrive. Thanks for the great info!!!

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