Trainers gather at Library for Poke-Walk

By Javonti Thomas

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The Natchitoches Parish Library is now more than just a place to find your next book to read. The library is a Pokestop in the top selling cellphone app, Pokémon Go.
Pokémon Go is the last development from Nintendo that released in July. Since the release, the game has garnered over 74 million players and counting. Everyone from comedian Jimmy Fallon to Northwestern State University President Jim Henderson is on the hunt to find the next Pokémon.
Wednesday, July 27, the Natchitoches Parish Library hosted a Poke Walk at its location to provide information about the game to parents and give children the opportunity to play the game with free Wi-Fi.

Community Outreach Coordinator for the Natchitoches Parish Library, Alan Niette, said he created the event because it tied into the summer reading program’s commitment to fitness.

“It’s a way for parents to come with their children to the library. Being a Pokestop is a great way to promote library awareness,” he said.
Other staff members such as the Adult Programing Director Martha Uchino, participated in the event.

“It brought out lots of adults with their children. It’s a great way to get everyone out and moving,” she said.

For Jennifer Robinson the Poke Walk served as a chance for her son to interact with other children.

“A lot of people think that just because he has autism he can’t interact or play with other children. This app is really becoming a reason for us to leave the house and do things together as a family,” she said.