Local Boards Merge to Form Greater Central Louisiana REALTORS® Association


The Central Louisiana REALTORS Association and the Natchitoches Board of REALTORS held a membership vote which overwhelmingly passed a measure to merge and form the Greater Central Louisiana REALTORS Association. Supporters of this merger sought to provide strength in numbers to eliminate redundant costs, to set better business standards and uphold professionalism, combine the MLSs for broader marketing reach, and provide uniformity across the markets.

“We feel that by working together our new board, the Greater Central Louisiana REALTORS Association, will be able to offer even more benefits, training, education and technology than either board on their own,” said Brad Ferguson, Natchitoches Board 2016 President.

“I’m so proud of our association and to be able to take part in such a historic event. Thank you to all of the REALTORS who came out and supported the merger and to the many members who go the extra mile for our associations,” said Lynette Giallonardo, Central Louisiana 2016 President.

The associations are currently undergoing a transition period and the change will go into effect Jan. 1, 2017.