Board makes tough decision to postpone Jazz and R&B Fest until 2018


The board for the Jazz and R&B Festival decided to postpone the event until 2018. Cancelling the festival, which was set for April 2017, wasn’t what they wanted to do. Construction scheduled for the Rue Beauport Riverfront Project from January until October forced them to consider other options, but the board decided that taking the festival away from the riverbank wasn’t an option at all.

“We have heard over and over again that it wouldn’t be the same not being on the riverbank and that it would detract from the festival to move it,” said Rodney Harrington. “We felt we would lose the momentum we have built over the years. We plan to return in 2018 and kick off a new and improved festival the likes of which Natchitoches has never seen.”

The board will conduct events next year, including fundraising for 2018, to keep the festival in the public eye.

“We are excited about the plan for the riverbank,” said Harrington. “It will add to the success of the festival. We have seen the plans and the City sought our input about the seating and stage. It will only add to the festival experience and we feel one year off is a small price to pay for the long-term benefit.”

5 thoughts on “Board makes tough decision to postpone Jazz and R&B Fest until 2018

  1. They could still have it at NSU for this year so the tourist still can come to the festival then they can come back next year to see the progress of the river front.

  2. I have mixed feelings about the decision; however, I understand the reasoning from both sides. I believe that I have attended almost every one of the Jazz Fests, as well as other events on the riverbank and they were all awesome. I am sure the renovations will make our wonderful City the showcase of the State, and those such as myself, who would like to have it held elsewhere this year, will gladly attend next year’s wonderful presentation. After all, missing a year is no big deal. Who remembers the loser in last year’s Super Bowl or NBA Championship?😈😂😈

  3. this is a great time ! you move other events do to weather and such,why not this one time move it to NSU ? I certainly hate missing it.

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