NHDDC learns of increased enrollment at NSU

NHDDC Aug 18
Most of the updates were short at the Natchitoches Historic District Development (NHDDC) meeting Thursday, Aug. 18, as organizations are busy preparing for events.
However, Van Erikson said the Northwestern State campus is full of activity as faculty and staff prepare for Saturday’s move-in event.

There were 1,383 new freshman as of Thursday, which is 9 percent above the college’s year-on-year enrollment numbers. Van said this total will increase within the next two weeks. Housing throughout the city is full, with a waiting list of around 200 students.
“This is a great problem for us to have,” he said. “So many students want to come to Northwestern.”

One reason housing is scarce this year is because Varnado Hall is being renovated. It will become a live-in residence hall for creative and performing arts students next year.
NSU’s football season opens Sept. 2 and volleyball begin Aug. 26.

Gayle Howell with the Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches (APHN) announced that the Melrose Arts and Crafts Festival will be moved to April 22-23 this year.
Cynthia Sutton with the Cane River National Heritage Area gave everyone a photo of the design for the new billboards on I-49 on either side of the Natchitoches exit.