24th Annual Marthaville Good Ole Days

By Dennis Coleman/Class of 66


Great day today out at the Marthaville Good Ole Days festival. This year, Donna Dyson, Karen Rawls and Fuzzy Hennigan, with the help of several volunteers, put together another great celebration of life in a small town. A lot of fun things were enjoyed by all ages. For me, this year’s festival was bittersweet. The recognition of the Class of ’66 brought together a group, some of which had not been together for 50 years. It was great to see my classmates and hear some of the adventures of which the individuals from the group had taken part. While it was very special to see those old friends, it was sad to know that almost a third of our graduating class has departed this world.

Another positive aspect of the Fest was the opportunity meet so many social media friends in person. It’s amazing to put a real person in your memory bank instead of something from a computer.

So, thanks again to all those involved with the production of the 24th Annual Good Ol’ Days Festival. And, thanks especially to the Class of ’66 for their contribution in making this year’s Fest a very special one for me.