Magnolia Plantation Complex featured as a must see haunted place in Louisiana 


Magnolia Plantation was listed as #12 by the Blog for Lifestyle & Travel on its list of 17 Haunted Places in Louisiana You Need to See for Yourself. To read the full list go online to Lifestyle & Travel.

The Magnolia Plantation Complex in Derry carries a lot of history and apparently spirits too. In 2009, the cast of Ghost Adventures investigated the property, which is rumored to host a barrage of ghosts that were once slaves on the property. Evidence of voodoo has been found on the property and ritualistic chanting has been heard coming from one of the former slave cabins. Although the mansion at Magnolia Plantation is privately owned and closed to the public, the rest of the complex is open for self-guided tours and includes a plantation store, a former slave hospital, eight cabins, a gin barn and a blacksmith shop.
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