Police assure parents no violence has occurred at area high school


The Natchitoches Police Department has received several calls of concern from parents and citizens about acts or threats of violence occurring at Natchitoches Central High School.

The NPD ensures parents and citizens there are no current threats or acts of violence occurring at the school.

The Natchitoches Police Department is aware of recent national events involving acts of violence occurring at several schools and can understand the public’s desire to be informed of threats that have been made. The department takes the safety of the Natchitoches Central High School students and staff seriously.

There are two full-time School Resource Officers at NCHS on a daily basis. They are also present for any after school activities, special events and activities including games and dances. These officers serve as the front line should any threats or activity occur. They have direct contact with the NPD and can call for immediate assistance if needed.
To report any suspicious activity or to request information call (318) 352-8101.