The Parish of Natchitoches has placed two new sales tax propositions on the ballot for the November 8, 2016 election. These propositions were placed on the ballot to allow the voters of Natchitoches Parish to determine if they would support additional revenue for the maintenance and improvement of Parish roads. All funds derived from these taxes would be dedicated strictly for road repairs and improvements.

The Parish is pleased to announce that two former Administrators under the old Police Jury government have publicly stated their support for both tax propositions. First, Mr. David Dollar stated his support in a letter to local media. That was followed by the video endorsement of Mr. Louie Bernard, who also served with distinction for many years as our Parish Clerk of Court.

Because of their knowledge of Parish road conditions and the financial structure of the Parish that prevents adequate maintenance of our roads, Mr. Dollar and Mr. Bernard stepped forward to state their support. They understand that no Police Jury or Parish President and Parish Council can carry out the work required on our roads without sufficient personnel and equipment or the ability to contract out major road improvement projects.

These gentlemen understand that tax propositions are not popular, but they also understand that bad roads endanger public safety, make it difficult for our people to get to work or school or medical services and frequently result in costly vehicle repairs which are hidden taxes on the people. Bad roads are also a disincentive to economic development. What company would want to expand or locate in an area where its potential employees would have problems getting to work or the company in getting its products to market?

We thank these two gentlemen for their support for the new Parish road taxes. Now, it is up to the voters to decide which road to the future they want their Parish to take.

Rick Nowlin
Parish President

Louie Bernard Video – CLICK HERE

David Dollar Letter – CLICK HERE