Natchitoches Man Arrested for Computer Aided Solicitation of a Minor

wilson-natmanA Natchitoches man working in Acadiana is in jail for charges relating to computer aided solicitation of a minor following a State Police investigation.

In October 2016, Detectives with the State Police Special Victims Unit in Alexandria received information indicating that 44-year-old Natchitoches resident Kory Wilson communicated with a juvenile in a sexually explicit manner, and shared images containing explicit material. During the course of the investigation, Detectives learned that Wilson used an electronic device to solicit the juvenile for sexual purposes. Based on their investigation, a warrant for Wilson’s arrest was obtained. During the investigation, it was learned Wilson was working and living at his place of employment in Acadiana.

On November 1, 2016, Louisiana State Police Detectives with assistance from the Department of Homeland Security arrested Wilson at his place of employment without incident. He was booked into the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center Jail for Indecent Behavior with a Juvenile, Computer Aided Solicitation of a Minor, and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Juvenile. This case remains under investigation.

Louisiana State Police remains committed to targeting child predators who seek to abuse children in our state and around the country. Under Colonel Mike Edmonson’s administration, the Louisiana State Police instituted the Special Victims Unit. The unit predominantly focuses on rescuing victims and delivering justice to the perpetrators of crimes involving the exploitation of children and the trafficking of humans for sex or labor. Citizens with information pertaining to crimes against children should contact the Louisiana State Police at 1-800-434-8007 or visit to file an online complaint

12 thoughts on “Natchitoches Man Arrested for Computer Aided Solicitation of a Minor

  1. Prayers for Mr.Wilson’s victims and his children. People don’t just get arrested without evidence. Obviously there was enough evidence to support the arrest.

  2. if this man has a family and he did what they say he did,he is one sick
    individual…anyone who would touch a child or look at child porn,deserves
    what they get.

  3. I agree you shouldn’t judge people,but anyone who touches a child or watches
    child porn is a disturbed individual.

  4. This is the father of my two children. We are not married anymore. But before you go calling pediphile and sick!… Let me just tell you that you need to know there may be more to this than what you know. And keep in mind there is family and children that see this! I’m not trying to right anyone’s wrong but to sit back and cast judgment when there could be more to this than what everyone knows should be enough to tell you that you leave this alone! Its public yes! Do you know ALL the information ? No! What I am saying is read it and do not be casting judgment! You were not there you do not know that is why it says its under investigation!

    • Exactly! People need to be saying prayers for these kind of situations instead of judging,,,let’s leave that to Jesus!!!!

      • And I will say this! Anyone who casts judgment when they do not know all the facts you are no better than anyone else. Thy shalt not judge. Pray for him and our family and posting negativity is not the answer. Yes there is a comment section but instead of commenting unnecessary things it is best to hope that things will be properly investigated most of all consider the fact that he has a family and and if you are any kind of person at all you will pray for him and for his kids and family. And I will not back down on standing up for the best interest of my kids and his family.

      • Mam I don’t know you but this case is still under investigation. Please understand that he has kids and a family. Your prayers in this matter will be greatly appreciated!

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