Former Natchitoches chef chosen as judge at World Food Championships


Former Natchitoches chef Kent Gresham was chosen as a judge for the World Food Championships held Nov. 9-13 in Orange Beach, Ala.

He judged the Dessert Category.

Gresham was part of the developing team that created TGI Fridays in the 70s. He opened 13 restaurants for them as an opening GM and regional trouble shooter in Florida and Texas. He soon opened his own restaurant in Natchitoches in 1988 under the name The Landing. Then shortly after, he opened the Crawfish Hole, a boil-on-site crawfish and seafood restaurant.

In 2005, he opened Pirouges Cajun Restaurant, a full service Cajun, Creole restaurant. In 2006 he opened The Landing Catering Co., which was the official caterer for the governor of Louisiana and was recognized in Southern Living. The Landing Restaurant has been featured in numerous publications over the years and was named “The Best Restaurant in Central Louisiana” by Southern Living. In 2012 he sold the company to a restaurant group “Freedom Holdings” who currently operates it.

Gresham is retired from the kitchen now, but is involved in commercial real estate. He and his wife currently live in Orange Beach, Ala. enjoying the restaurants from afar.

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