Kiwanians Hunt for Hidden Treasure at Social


Kiwanians went on a treasure hunt during their social Thursday, Nov. 10. The club met at Bon Ami for an evening of fun, food and games. Members could hunt as single players or on teams of two. They were given four clues to locate riddles at different places on front street. Clues to locations included: oldest store in town has a riddle waiting for you, a Pierson may take a load off here to work this riddle, one of these popular fall flowers has a riddle for you and you can find a house and riddle with the reality business. Members made quick work of finding the clues and solved the riddles to obtain a set of numbers used to unlock a treasure box. Once they had the numbers they rushed back to Bon Ami to solve the final riddle and learn the correct order to open the lock on the treasure box. The combination was cracked by Haley Taitano and she won two yeti ramblers.