Chicken on the Bone to Play Tonight on the Riverbank

By Kevin Shannahan

The veteran New Orleans band “Chicken on the Bone” will bring its signature sound to the Natchitoches Riverbank Saturday, November 26th at 6:00. This year will mark the popular band’s third trip to Natchitoches for the Christmas Festival.
Third year lead singer Darren Paul summed up the band’s eclectic style “You never know what’s coming up next-Journey to Fats Domino.” Paul said he enjoys the small town atmosphere and that the fireworks display is amazing. John Heindel, the band’s other lead singer, likes Natchitoches’ small town atmosphere and said that the band loves its enthusiastic Natchitoches audience and considers its trip to Natchitoches a mini vacation after the hectic pace of the French Quarter. “We love it and counldn’t wait to get here. We’re here to make them scream, holler and smile.”