Henderson recommends Chris Maggio to serve as Acting President

Northwestern State University President Dr. Jim Henderson has recommended Vice President of the Student Experience Chris Maggio to serve as Acting President until the UL System board selects a permanent president.

This recommendation is subject to approval by the board.

19 thoughts on “Henderson recommends Chris Maggio to serve as Acting President

  1. Kudos to Dr. Henderson for his choices for keeping NSU on task when he moves on to his new position. I especially applaud him for choosing Chris Maggio as Acting President and would strongly support his becoming permanent in that role. I am even more elated that he chose to give Dr. Marcus Jones the opportunity to demonstrate more of his leadership skills and creativity in a position more challenging and commensurate with his abilities.

  2. Thank you Dr. Henderson for recommending Dr. Chris Maggio to serve as acting President. I also agree with a number of comments that he should be made permanent President of NSU. He is one of the hardest workers with a dedicated heart to NSU and is very easy to work with.
    Thank you,
    Chief Davis

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