Suddenlink download speed increases in Natchitoches, other speeds also increase

internet speed conceptual meter

Altice USA is now offering Suddenlink internet service with an up to 1 Gigabit per second download speed in Natchitoches.  The company has automatically increased certain other Suddenlink residential internet speeds for existing customers.

“Suddenlink continues to offer great services to the customers in the Natchitoches community,” said Natchitoches Mayor Lee Posey.  “In adding the 1 Gigabit service, customers will now have a new option to enhance their internet speed at an affordable price.”

“Today’s announcement is the next step in Operation GigaSpeed, the company-wide plan we announced in August of 2014,” said Altice USA Co-President and Chief Operating Officer Hakim Boubazine.  “In sharp contrast to other large providers, which are offering a Gigabit service primarily to a few neighborhoods in large urban markets, we’re pleased to be making our Suddenlink Gigabit service available in all of the neighborhoods and to all of the households and businesses we serve throughout Natchitoches.”

Boubazine added that local business owners also will have access to the new Gigabit service, along with Suddenlink customized services the company offers that are capable of multi-Gigabit speeds.

In addition to launching the 1 Gigabit internet service, residential high-speed internet customers with current download speeds up to 75 and 100 Megabits per second (Mbps) have been automatically moved to services with download speeds up to 100 and 200 Mbps, respectively. The standard Suddenlink residential internet download speeds in Natchitoches are now up to 50, 100, and 200 Mbps, along with the new up to 1 Gig service.

In Louisiana, Suddenlink 1 Gigabit internet services are now available in Lake Charles and Sulphur, Bossier City and nearby communities, Alexandria and Pineville, and DeRidder, as well as Natchitoches.