Home receives gift of heat after years of broken furnace


Rhonda Sanders nominated her parents, W.L. Vercher and Johnnie McCrory for Axsom Air’s “Heat the Town” program. The couple lives in Cloytierville and their unit went out a few years ago. When Axsom Air employee Jason Murrell arrived at the home he discovered that different technicians had come out to look at the unit since it broke, but could never fix it. The wiring was messed up, so the entire unit had to be rewired.

“I was happy to be able to get it going for them,” said Jason. “They were out of heat for four years and I was just really thankful to be able to help them get warm.”

Rhonda’s parents are divorced and her mother lives in a mobile home. She’s had open heart surgery and W.L. was hospitalized after he broke his back in a fall. Unable to return home and care for himself, Johnnie took him in. In house with no working furnace, W.L. is always cold, even when his family covers him with blankets.

“Y’all have been a blessing from God, words cannot express how much this has meant to my parents. Thank you, Merry Christmas and God bless all of you.,” said Rhonda. “My father said he’s so warm now.”