65-year-old Campti man arrested for sexual misconduct with an 11-year-old juvenile

Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Detectives arrested Mark E. Walsworth Sr., 65, of the 300 block of Westwind Church Road in Campti in connection with a two-week investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct with a juvenile relative, according to Natchitoches Parish Sheriff Victor Jones Jr.

Patrol Division deputies and Criminal Investigations Division detectives responded to the residence Dec. 21 regarding reports of sexual misconduct allegations involving Walsworth and an 11-year-old juvenile. The parents of the juvenile reported the incident.

Deputies completed an offense report for investigation purposes, while detectives collected evidence and teamed up with the Rapides Children’s Advocacy Center to conduct interviews in the investigation.

Walsworth was arrested and booked into the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center Jan. 5. He was charged with three-counts of Sexual Battery.

Walsworth remains in the Natchitoches Parish Detention with bond set at $90,000 dollars by a district judge.

The three counts of sexual battery stem from three separate occasions of sexual misconduct involving the juvenile according to Chief Investigator Greg Dunn.

Additional charges may be forthcoming as the investigation continues.

The case file when completed will be forwarded to the Natchitoches Parish District Attorney’s Office for review and prosecution.

If you have any information concerning this case, or prior cases, please contact Detective Wyn McDowell, NPSO Criminal Investigations at 318-357-7830. Information will be kept confidential.

9 thoughts on “65-year-old Campti man arrested for sexual misconduct with an 11-year-old juvenile

  1. the judge who let this man free needs head examined . I sure would hate for a pedophile to live near me and my kid. I am glad they put this info out and they should to protect people and most importantly the kids.
    I believe you harm or rape a child,you better be locked up !

  2. The offender has stolen this child’s innocence. I am disgusted the a bond was set so low. Furthermore, this child will never be the same. Can you put a price on that? Apparently you can.

    • That concerned me, too. I’m glad the parents acted as they did, but given how small this community is, in this case, naming the man may not have been wise.

      • They have to. It’s public record and require by federal law in order to alert the community so other parents have the opportunity to know and keep their children safe.

  3. It is appalling that this “person”can be out on bond for only $90,000.
    My Good Lord was kind enough to move me in a different direction career wise because I would LOVE TO BE THE ONE TO ADMINISTER PUNISHMENT…..Now that is IF CONVICTED…..That is for the Court System to decide; however, in my mind anyone who does ANYTHING sexually or otherwise to an innocent child DESERVES NO MERCY….

    • I totally agree with you,anyone who touches a child should be punished .
      it has gotten to be were the law and courts just don’t seem to care anymore.
      what about the victim and the child,they are stuck with trauma and night mares,i hope this guy gets his return .

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