Hazardous Driving Conditions Possible in North Louisiana


The National Weather Service is forecasting the possibility of rain and/or snow in parts of Central and Northern Louisiana tonight and Friday.  Little, if any, snow accumulation is expected but any residual water that has melted on the ground will quickly freeze Friday evening.  This may lead to the formation of black ice, especially on bridges and overpasses, resulting in hazardous driving conditions.  Temperatures will climb back above freezing around midday Saturday melting any ice that may form.

Motorists should be on the lookout for the possibility of ice on area bridges and overpasses during this weather event.  This type of weather pattern can be dangerous for motorists who are traveling along Louisiana highways as most are not accustomed to in such driving conditions.  Motorists are reminded to drive responsibly and be prepared for the possibility of slippery driving conditions.

The Louisiana State Police offers the following winter weather driving tips:

Reduce speed

Allow extra time to reach your destination

Allow extra space between vehicles

Do not drive using the cruise control in icy conditions

Anticipate stops (such as stop signs and traffic signals) and brake gently while stopping

If you encounter a skid, take your foot off accelerator and steer into the skid until you regain control

Use low beam headlights if it is raining/sleeting

Ensure all vehicle occupants are properly restrained

If you experience difficulties or witness hazardous situations while on the highway, you may notify the nearest State Police Troop office by dialing *LSP (*577) from your cell phone or contact your local law enforcement agency.  You can also stay up to date on road closure information by visiting http://www.511la.org