Billy Joe Harrington files qualification papers

Billy Joe Harrington filed his qualification papers with Clerk of Court David Stamey January 11 to officially become a candidate for District Attorney of Natchitoches Parish.

Harrington issued the following statement:

By filing my qualification papers, I am offering my 26 years experience of service as an Assistant District Attorney and my overall 31 years experience practicing law.

Although legal experience and qualifications are very important, I feel I am qualified to be your District Attorney because of the my ongoing commitment to the people of this parish: working families who are the backbone of our community, who strive to raise their children in a safe and positive environment; our senior citizens who made our great parish what it is today, who should always be protected from any deceitful people who try to take advantage of their kindness and charity; small business and property owners who work hard for their goods and try to prevent property crimes; and those who are near the fringes of our society who are hurting, trying to break the horrible cycle of substance addiction, who have made mistakes and want to turn the corner to the new path in life.

The job of the District Attorney has many facets in which all are unique in their own circumstance. They require vigorous prosecution when necessary and compassion when appropriate. As your next District Attorney in Natchitoches Parish, I commit to treating all citizens with the same level of respect, fairness and dignity. I commit to you to be the District Attorney that you deserve and expect, and nothing less.

I look forward to serving,

Billy Joe Harrington