Natchitoches SWAT receives training on use of trauma kits


The Natchitoches SWAT team received training from the First Chance Medical Training Group on the use of trauma kits Jan. 11.  The medical group comprised of Cpl. Jessica Walker SPD, Larry Cunnigham SPD, and Dr. Pat McGauly LSU instructed the SWAT team on the use of trauma kits.  This training was to instruct members of the SWAT team to provide emergency medical treatment in the field.

The members of the Natchitoches SWAT team would like to thank William Zeichner FACS, who donated funds to provide all members of the Natchitoches SWAT team a trauma kit.  Special thanks to LSU Shreveport second year medical students Ben Zeichner and Adnan Fazili for helping to coordinate the training.

The Natchitoches SWAT team is comprised of members of the Natchitoches Parish Sheriffs Office and the Natchitoches City Police Department.