Ponderings with Doug – January 27, 2017

DougFUMCDo you have a drawer below your oven? What is in the drawer? Are you using the drawer for the proper purpose?

My mom used the drawer to store her cookie sheets and such not. Right demands that you do as your mother did. Who influences your decisions and moral choices? How do you determine what is the right thing to do? When is doing the same thing someone else did, wrong? Do you have the facts, or second hand information? How do you know when someone is spouting urban legend, or misleading you?

Do you know the truth about oven drawers?

There is an old African tale about a man and his lamb. He fed it by hand and played with it every day. When hard times came he was forced to take his pet lamb to market, to sell it.

Now there were three thieves who heard of the man’s plan and plotted to take the lamb from him in a unique way.

Early in the morning the man rose and put the lamb over his shoulders, to carry it to market. As he traveled down the road the first thief approached him and said, “Why are you carrying that dog on your shoulders?”

The man laughed, “This is not a dog. It is my pet lamb. I am taking it to market,” he said.

After he walked a bit further, the second thief crossed his path and said, “What a fine looking dog you have. Where are you taking it?”

Puzzled, the man took the lamb off his shoulders and looked carefully at it. “This is not a dog,” he said slowly. “It is a lamb and I am taking it to market.”

Shortly before he reached the market, the third thief met the man and said, “Sir, I don’t think that they will allow you to take your dog into the market.”

Completely confused, the man took the lamb off his shoulders and set it on the ground. “If three different people say that this is a dog, then surely it must be a dog,” he thought. He left the lamb behind and walked to the market. If he had bothered to turn around he would have seen the three thieves picking up the lamb and going toward their home.

Maternal peer pressure caused me never to consider other options for the drawer under the oven. I realized like the man with the lamb, I’m giving into peer pressure in deciding the possibilities for that drawer. It can’t be anything but what my mother said it was.

Let’s go back to your oven. If your oven is as old as mom’s oven, then you are correct in placing pots and pans in the storage drawer. However, some of the newer ovens come with a warming drawer.

So the purpose of that lower drawer has changed. It would be silly to try and warm your food in a storage drawer and it might be dangerous storing your plastic lids in a warming drawer.

It is not your mother’s oven!

I need a center that holds when the world is flying off in a thousand different directions. I need a source of spiritual wisdom when the world claims that darkness is light and vice versa. I need to follow one who is not influenced by the whims of trendiness. In the middle of the chaos of change, I need the unchangeable. I need a source of truth that won’t tell me the lamb is a dog for ulterior motives.

The place I am going is where I always end up; Jesus.

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