Register for the Sweethearts for a Cure Pageant Feb. 18

The Sweethearts for a Cure Pageant will be held Saturday, Feb. 18. This pageant is a fundraiser for the Cure on the Cane Queens Relay team. All proceeds from the pageant will be given to the American Cancer Society. This is a great beginners pageant and a CROWN ALL event!

Entry Fee: $55 for the first contestant $30 for each additional sibling.
PayPal address:

Registration 8:30-9:30 a.m.
Competition 10 a.m.

0–12 months – Infant Miss 13-23 months – Baby Miss
2-3 years – Toddler Miss 4-5 years – Tiny Miss 6-7 years – Little Miss 8-9 years – Petite Miss 10-11 years – Deb Miss 12-13 years – Jr. Miss 14-16 years – Teen Miss 17-23 years – Miss 21 years – up (married/divorced/moms)

***Dresses do not have to be valentine colored or themed***
0 months – 9 years – Sunday Best (custom or off the rack)
10 years – up – Evening Wear (floor-length formal)
*No fake hair or fake teeth. 0-3 years (NO MAKEUP), 4 years and up (age appropriate hair and makeup)*

Queens: Each queen will receive a custom queen crown, queen banner, and goody bag (0-9 years) or bouquet (10-23 years).
All other contestants: Each contestant will receive a participation crown, goody bag (0-9 years) or bouquet (10-23 years).
Photogenic: Each photogenic winner will receive a photo frame.
Side Awards: *These will be given in each division.* Each side award winner will receive a custom certificate for most beautiful, prettiest hair, best fashion, and prettiest smile.

For more information contact Michelle Armstrong 318.652.1660 or Hillary Severin at 318.471.9449.